The first thing you see after you start the game is a text that says what happened one year ago in the Torren region. A cut scene begins, as a man with yellow hair, a pony tail, and white clothes starts to tell the people of his cult about their great hero, the Augur, and his disappearance a few weeks ago, due to him try to eliminate the remaining five evil cults. After he finishes his speech, he tells the people that until the Augur is found, he will take the place of the Augur, as the Second Augur. Back to the present the player goes as it appears that he is in a room with Gengar using Dream Eater on the player to wipe out his memories. Outside the room, two grunts dressed similarly to Darkrai's appearance talk to each other, as a woman comes and tells them that a ritual upstairs is starting in 2 minutes. One grunt asks the lady what to do with the player after his/her memories are gone. The woman answers and then leaves. The player is stuck with Gengar as it's about to complete its objective. Suddenly, Mew c to the player's rescue! Gengar retreats out of the room as your new companion is revealed to be Mew! The player exits base and into the wonderful world of Torren

Chapter 1

After escaping the base with Mew you can only head south, out of the forest, and into Telnor Town. Immediately after you step into town Mew hands you the Quartz Flute, an item used to call upon Mew for its transform ability. A letter explains this and bids Mew's departure.It happens due to Mew trying to hide itself from a boy named Damian. He asks if you saw Mew. You can deny the existence of the Mew. After, Damian announces that the Augur will be coming to Telnor Town, and requests that you meet him in Town Hall. You can then explore the town. the women in front of the Pokemon Center will give you 5 free PokeBalls. A villager with blue hair in the southern part of town will give you free potions. Once you are done, head into town hall, where you witness Damian and his parents having a heated argument. After, Damian introduces you to his parents. Damian then mentions that he forgot a present for the Augur! His father then requests that you and Damian go to the Pokemon Professor's lab to get your very own Pokemon!!