Suntouched City is a city located in the eastern Torren Region. It is the hometown of the first Gym Leader, Orion. The city itself consists of two levels: The ground level is accessed as soon as the player leaves Cyan Cavern while the second level, located in the sky, is accessed through a fan placed directly south of the Pokémon Center.


When first entering the cityEdit

  • The exit from Suntouched Exitway to Route 3 requires to bypass, which means the player will ultimately need to defeat Orion in the Suntouched Gym in order to continue traveling.
  • Take the fan south of the Pokémon Center to reach the cloud level, where the gym resides.
  • Enter the gym and challenge Orion.

After defeating OrionEdit

  • When exiting the gym after defeating Orion, a mysterious girl passes by the player and enters the gym, followed by Nora.
  • The player must enter the gym again in order to acquire the Instant Lapras, which will effectively allow them to use .
  • After obtaining the Instant Lapras, return to the ground level and leave the city through the Suntouched Exitway.

Places of interestEdit


Main article: Etho-Medical

The Suntouched City Broadcast Tower is a location that is responsible for broadcasting news and information all over the world. The boss of the facility is looking to hire an intern capable of conducting field work for him in a new program about rare Pokémon.

Move TutorEdit

The Move Tutor's house is the house closest to the gym on the cloud level. She will teach , , or to a from the core series of games.

Moves taughtEdit

Grass Pledge [[bulbapedia:Grass (type)|]]

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Fire Pledge [[bulbapedia:Fire (type)|]]

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Water Pledge [[bulbapedia:Water (type)|]]

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Suntouched GymEdit

Main article: Suntouched Gym

The Suntouched Gym is the official Gym of Suntouched City, whose Gym Leader, Orion, specializes in mainly Fire-type Pokémon. Trainers who defeat him are awarded the Thermal Badge, as well as TM43 (Flame Charge) as a reward.

Poké MartEdit



|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Super Potion | align="center" | ×2 | align="left" | Talk to the Gent in the Garden

|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Instant Lapras | align="center" | Instant Lapras | align="left" | Given by Fiona after the events with the Genesis Cult

|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Net Ball | align="center" | | align="left" | Talk to the Bug Catcher in the northeastern area of the city

|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Antidote | align="center" | | align="left" | Given to by the Scientist in front of Etho-Medical

|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Toxic Orb | align="center" | | align="left" | Behind the house with the Skrelp trade.

|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Berry Juice | align="center" | | align="left" | Held by the Shuckle by the Gym

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mThough there are several ponds placed throughout the city, no wild Pokémon appear in them.

On the cloud level, in the house furthest away from the gym, is a Lady who will trade her for a .

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  


Special Pokémon
402 Trade
The same as the Traded Pokémon

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Ground Level Cloud Level
SuntouchedCity 270px