The Torren Region has always been home to various cults that usually worship Legendary Pokemon. They are infamous for being extremely violent in accomplishing their goals, killing countless innocents. The First Augur used his power to destroy several cults during his reign, but since his disappearance, there are 5 main cults that are currently operating now.

The cults have been known to use human sacrifices in attempts to summon Legendaries from other dimensions.

List of Cults Edit

  • Sky Cult - Leader: Jaern(2nd Augur)

The Sky Cult wishes to use Mega Rayquaza for their plans.

  • Abyssal Cult - Leader: Audrey

The abyssal cult wishes to flood the world to get Kyogre

  • Infernal Cult - Leader: Zenith

The Infernal Cult is a mysterious cult looking for Groudon.

The Darkrai cult wishes to use darkrai to reach their goal

Darkrai cult leader: Persephone

The Abbysal Cult is searching for Kyogre.

Perfection Cult Leader: Reukra (admin: Taen)

The perfection cult wants to create a perfect pokemon.